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Real Life Sales Results

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Experience, Reliable Sales Force, & Proven Results

At DEPCO, we strive to ensure that our principals get the best representation. That's why our sales force makes it their number one goal to know our product offering as well as the companies making them. With over 80 years of in house experience and a younger staff in place for longevity, we offer real-world experience, long term relationships, and the precise knowledge of "where the bones are buried" in our region. By knowing your products, and our market, it's easier to drive sales beyond expectation.

Effective Product Marketing

DEPCO focuses on product marketing for manufacturers so they can focus on building the highest quality products possible. DEPCO prefers to target engineering relationships in order to give our manufacturers the long term relationship that only being specified can offer. Covering the territories of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, & Florida, we connect with just about every industry imaginable. Including medical, packaging, automotive, automation, alternative energy, water/wastewater, telecommunications, construction, electronics, and more. We work with distributors, CMs, OEMs, and end users, to create lucrative relationships for everyone involved.

Each territory is heavily populated with distributors of all types, from wire and cable to fasteners, heating and cooling, and everything in between. Our distributors represent more feet on the ground to promote your products.

Telephone Marketing

A History of Results

Each DEPCO territory has a long-term resident sales manager who is familiar with the customer base, prospect base, and direction of the local industries. This puts an expert in each designated territory to efficiently promote your products and services, manage current customers, and prospect new customers or distributors. We will efficiently propose your products as a real-world workable solution for new and current customers.

Targeted Marketing

DEPCO's prime objective is to position our manufacturer's products and services at the forefront of our customer's mind. This is accomplished by working closely with our customers to give them product knowledge, product literature, and most of all to use your products to solve their problems. The tactics we use most are:

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