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Since 1972, DEPCO has helped grow the markets of manufacturers through meaningful connections within significant distribution channels, OEMs, CMs, and end-users alike. By partnering with us as a manufacturer, you get dependable representation for your company’s products, and when you come to us as a customer, you get solutions to problems and reliable sources for specialized components. To learn more about DEPCO and the industrial sales services we have to offer, reach out to our office.


Redefining the Way 
We Move

For our manufacturers, DEPCO is committed to representing a select line of products, not to filling a line card. We ensure that your line is unique to us so that you are not just "another supplier of another one of those products." We want to saturate the market in our territories for you, not add you to a pool of similar manufacturers. You get all of our attention.

For our customers, our efforts are geared for the highest possible level of client satisfaction and the long-term relationships that result from superior products and exceptional service. We present a diverse line of products with the best quality, competitive pricing, and lead times to ensure we help solve problems before they are problems.

Our Team

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